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A new book that gives you the power to become SHATTERPROOF.

SHATTERPROOF is a seven-step system that, like a GPS, guides you toward a new way of handling life’s setbacks and crises. Learn how to manage fear, anger, uncertainty, worry, resentment and feelings of hopelessness and helplessness rather than let them shape your story.

Awareness & Acknowledgment

You learned how to instantly bring your mind into focus, and became aware of your thoughts, words and actions. You acknowledged that you are in a crisis or a difficult or stressful situation and that you are ready to face it.

Accept & Embrace

You not only accepted your current situation, you realized the value in embracing its potential opportunities. You are now creating an environment in which your mind is opening up, and finding meaning in your stress, crisis or setback. With this approach, you’re taking steps to reduce or eliminate suffering from the experience.

Worst Case Scenario

You forced yourself to ask, “Now what?” by navigating the worst-case scenario, regardless of your insecurities. You moved from fear to courage. You are facing the reality of your situation and shifting into problem-solving mode.

Eliminate Doubt, Worry, Uncertainty and Fear

You listed all of your worries and fears and faced your unresolved issues and an uncertain future. Then, you focused your mindset to choose the issues you could control, influence or change.

Create your Future Through Action

You took action to create a different reality. You planned your approach, and broke it down into manageable tasks you control. Again, you looked for opportunities: the chance to start something new, to create a new vision for your life. You shifted your attention toward activities that serve you.


You compiled a gratitude list that helps you stay rooted in the present. Focused in a state of gratitude and appreciation, your mind is free from a fractured and negative mindset.


When you’re feeling confident, when you feel empowered—when you have faith in your own power—you can confront and get through any difficult situation you may face. So how do you regain confidence when crisis has stripped it from you? How can you make it through unexpected stresses and events if it seems you’ve lost the ability to tap into your own power? The answer is simple: faith in a power greater than yourself.


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About the Author
Conrad Drapeau

Conrad Drapeau is a bestselling author and the creator of The Shatterproof Practices, a simple yet life-altering and sustainable program designed to help people manage stress, survive a crisis and build resiliency. This series of exercises and techniques cultivates a focused, disciplined mindset, which in turn, strengthens the body.


A successful entrepreneur who played a significant role in taking an under-funded technology company with no proven products or visible market from zero to $100 million in value in less than five years, Conrad was no stranger to sudden and devastating setbacks. Two years after achieving financial freedom, he lost 80% of his net worth to embezzlement. In 2009, he endured the loss of his wife of 27 years to cancer, just four months after being diagnosed.


Conrad’s life and work experience, along with his study of Eastern and Western philosophies and practices, became the basis for The Shatterproof Practices program. These powerful tools proved to be invaluable during difficult times, especially during his wife’s final days. Through great loss and difficult life experiences, Conrad discovered his true calling—to guide and inspire people caught up in the stress and confusion crisis brings to a place of infinite inner peace and resiliency.


With thought leaders Mark Victor Hansen, Barbara De Angelis and Brendon Burchard, he co-authored the personal development book How Did You Do That! (2009,Yinspire Media).

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Messages from Shatterproof readers

Shatterproof Book

Read the book, change your life

If there is one Shatterproof Principle that must remain with you throughout your journey, it
is the Awareness and Acknowledgment Principle. The Awareness and Acknowledgment
Principle is the principle on which all of the other principles depend—without it, it is
difficult to move through crisis quickly and achieve a positive outcome.
One single thought can change your mood instantly.
When you are aware of your emotions, thoughts, words and actions, and how they are
related, you are better able to acknowledge and take responsibility for whatever situation
you find yourself in. This will empower you to take control of how that situation will or
won’t affect you.
One single thought can change your mood instantly, bring your energy level down, initiate a
downward spiral, lead to misunderstandings, cause you to make hasty decisions you may
later regret and even change future outcomes. When you practice the Awareness and
Acknowledgment Principle, you are able to recognize when you are choosing to go down a
negative path. Once you are aware and catch yourself doing this, you can easily and quickly
stop it by shifting your thinking and replacing negative thoughts with something more
productive and positive.
Awareness will also give you the strength, courage and focus to step back and acknowledge
that the naysayers live in a world they created for themselves, and that world is not your
world. In Awareness, there is no desire to dwell on past events, to place blame or to try to
get even. In Awareness, we acknowledge that we reap what we sow and that our thoughts,
words and actions create our future circumstances.